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Help Yourself is a private, professional massage and wellness studio nestled away in historical downtown Winnsboro, SC where we prefer quality sessions over quantity appointment scheduling.  Our services range from relaxation of the brain to relieving of the pain!  The name says it all. 


We Consult:

Let us know what your wellness goals are.

Relaxation, Pain Management, Functional Restoration, Rejuvenation, Detoxification.

We Customize:

We focus on providing sessions that will help facilitate your wellness.

No routines - signature massages that will best fit your concerns.

We Cater:

Your wellness and massage sessions are always designed for you.

Clients may even bring in their own lotions/oils and clean music during sessions. 

We Educate: 

We provide wellness plans to help you maintain your best you everyday.

We educate our clients on how we can help and teach them how to help themselves.

We Refer:

We network with a wide variety of alternative and western medicine providers.

MASSAGE STATION LLC, Chiropractic, Fitness, Nail & Skin Care, Nutrition, and more.


We Help You to Help Yourself

No Contracts

No Gimmicks

No Pushy Sales  

No Rushed Services

The only thing that we manipulate are muscles!

YOUR body has an incredible ability to heal from within and it is up to YOU to honor and take well care of it. 

 Call to schedule your appointment or for a consultation to add that extra "touch" to your special event. 



 M. Russell LMT & Associates specializes in professionalism and client satisfaction.






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